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Lawnmower is an easy to use information & investment hub for the blockchain asset class.

We allow you to learn about the space, view market data & price quotes for multiple blockchain assets, read news, & invest directly into bitcoin & ether using just your bank account.

There’s no account sign-up process to start using our app anywhere in the world. Just download it off the App (iOS) or Play (Android) store & touch “Get started” in the app to begin & get a quick tour. You can read about numerous blockchain assets, track prices & market data, and browse news & various resources.

To start investing (currently for U.S. users only), you can easily upgrade your account by linking or creating a Coinbase account (our partner wallet & broker) & linking a bank account of your choice. Lawnmower can then handle setting up instant & recurring trades for bitcoin & ether and tracking your performance over time for you.

Currently, you can buy & sell bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) using a bank account.

To invest with Lawnmower, you can easily create or link an existing Coinbase account (& attach a payment method) to start trading, viewing performance & analytics, and reading news & research from the Lawnmower app.

We’ve been proud Coinbase partners since March 2015. Coinbase is a San Francisco based wallet, broker, & exchange with over $100M in venture funding from investors including the New York Stock Exchange, BBVA, USAA, & Andreessen Horowitz.

To invest with Lawnmower, you’ll need to authenticate your bank account as a valid payment method.

You can use either your account credentials (username & password) or account numbers (routing & account). The username & password method can authenticate your bank instantly, whereas the routing & account number method will require MDV verification (3 – 5 business days).

We never touch or store your data – rather, all banking information is handled by Plaid – a San Francisco based financial data API with over $50M in venture funding from investors including Goldman Sachs & Google Ventures and customers including Venmo, Wealthfront, & Betterment.

Lawnmower is completely free to download & use.

Blockchain asset purchases through our Coinbase integration are subject to Coinbase’s existing trading fees.

Lawnmower has an optional premium tier available for additional asset research, advanced analytics, and features like touch ID & trade data export.


It’s easy to use Coinbase to send your blockchain assets to another wallet.


We don’t have the ability to touch, send, or move your blockchain assets.

We don’t have the ability to use your bank account for any other purpose than buying or selling blockchain assets.

You have complete control to buy, sell, or move your blockchain assets & disconnect or change your bank account at any point.

Deleting the app or losing your phone will not affect your blockchain assets nor your settings including automatic purchases. Your blockchain assets will continue to be held on Coinbase & accessible within your Coinbase account. If you have any issues with accessing or deleting your account, please email support@lawnmower.io.

In the app’s “Settings” tab, you can enable an optional PIN code that will be requested when opening the app. Upon 5 unsuccessful entries you will be logged out of your Lawnmower & Coinbase account, and will need to re-login to access your account. You can disable or change your code at any time.

You can also enable a Touch ID feature in the Lawnmower premium tier for iOS that allows you to use the phone’s fingerprint scanner.

You have both daily & weekly limits on the amount you can buy & sell with your Coinbase account. Your limits are based on a variety of factors, and you can raise them over time with a variety of actions. Learn more about your Coinbase Account Limits.

After initiating an "Instant Buy" or "Recurring Buy" via the Lawnmower app, the price (exchange rate) you will pay for your blockchain asset will be instantly locked. Coinbase will then initiate an ACH transfer from your bank account which typically takes about 3 – 5 business days. Upon receiving the funds, Coinbase will make the assets available in your account and the trade will no longer show as pending. Learn more about default Coinbase purchases here.

After initiating an “Instant Sell" via the Lawnmower app, the price (exchange rate) you will receive for your blockchain assets will be instantly locked. Coinbase will then initiate an ACH transfer to your bank account which typically takes about 2 – 4 business days depending on your bank. Learn more about default Coinbase sells.

Download Lawnmower and start investing today.